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Online One-To-One Courses


With the development of Chinese aviation market and increase of international routes, Chinese aviation market scale is growing with at an average annual rate of 20% and tops 1 trillion. However,cabin crew is still in short supply. What makes airline confused is that only few can pass the interview and got the offer among thousands of candidates. Most of the lucky fellows are job-hopping airline attendants while the failed ones are fresh graduates, interns. So as to the fresh graduates, non-experience, non-skill and non-competence makes them stop at the first two tests. but, none can stop these girls on the dream-seeker way towards cabin crew. That is because everyone has her dream. On this base, with global aviation professors, SARDA provided online face-to-face courses in order to build a stage to help these girls to pursue their dreams.

隨著中國航空市場的不斷開發,國際航線的不斷增多,並且由於中國通航市場也以年均20%的速度增長,形成萬億市場規模.然而,偌大的航空市場中,空 乘乘務員卻總是出現供不應求的問題。與之相對,每次動輒上千人的空乘招聘面試最終能達標錄取的人數也總是寥寥無幾。對此,社會對此總是一片唏噓,航空公司 亦十分頭疼。纠其缘由,無经验、無技巧、无专业能力的三無問題擺在追夢女孩面前,成為阻隔在現實與夢想之間的三座大山。可即便如此,我們的女孩們對空姐夢 的執著與追求卻從不止步,為什麼,因為大家都有自己的夢想!


Cabin Crew Interview Makeup

Cabin Crew Oral English

Cabin Crew Interview Skills

Hairstyle, nail,and makeup.


Major airlines English interview topics and answers simulation.



Interview skills for big International airlines.

Senior cabin crew

SARDA's senior trainer

International airline interviewer




Additional information

  • SARDA, the Society for Aviation Research and Development in Asia (previously known as Aircrew Network and incorporated in Singapore), was founded in 1999 . It started off as a small group of Singapore aviation professionals. The society has evolved and expanded its scope and visibility, increasing its effort in growing conferences, events and developing relationships with other prominent industrial groups to actively research and develop in order to meet the growing challenges of the fast developing general and business aviation sector.

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